Your Images

  • To access your digital images, enter your email and password. 
  • Once in your gallery you have multiple options for what to do with your images.  Click "BUY PHOTO" for each digital image you would like to download.  Or click the "Download All" link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen within your gallery.
  • You can also choose to purchase professional prints.  Simply click on the  "BUY PHOTO" button, then go to the prints, canvases or metals tab.  You can select from a wide variety of sizes and finishes.  
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you utilize a computer (vs. smartphone or tablet) when downloading multiple images as the files are very large.
  • The downloaded images are yours to print, share and enjoy. 
  • For additional information, see "Images and Copyright" in the FAQs tab.

Making the Most of Your Photos

  • Blue Maui Photographers provides 50+ digital images in the package with print release.  This gives you the flexibility to choose exactly  how you want to use your images and who you want to print them.  From holiday cards to large canvases, or Facebook pages and screensavers, you get to choose.  As a convenience to our customers, we do give you the option to order high quality prints through our professional  lab right from your gallery.  If you choose to go this route, the lab will color correct images to match their specific printers which gives the absolute best finished product.  Trust us, we've ordered sample prints from multiple labs to compare.
  • Whether you decide to order professional prints through Blue Maui, or you choose to go with a local retailer (like Costco or Walgreens), we give details and tips for achieving the best quality end product on the "Ordering Prints" page in the FAQs tab.

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