Here's what the Wailea signs look like so be on the lookout for the dark granite with white letters.

Mokapu Beach and Ulua Beach share the same parking lot and restroom off of Wailea Alanui Drive.  Ulua is in front of the Elua Village Condos, just north of the Wailea Marriott, and Mokapu begins in front of the Andaz Resort.  The driveway to the parking lot is located between the Andaz Resort and Wailea Elua Village Condos.  If using your own GPS or smartphone, we suggest plugging in "Ulua Beach Rd."  That will get you to the park entrance.  If your GPS requires a full address, plug in the address for the Andaz Resort (3550 Wailea Alanui Drive), then look for the free public beach parking lot  immediately south of the Andaz - see photo below.  (Do not park at the Andaz.)  There is a granite sign out front that says "Ulua Beach/Mokapu Beach" and a yellow gate.

Park in the public lot, take the sidewalk toward the ocean, and we will meet you by the showers/restrooms in the small beach park.

Wailea Beach is directly in front of the Grand Wailea and The Four Seasons Resort.  The parking lot and restroom are located off of Wailea Alanui Drive between the two resorts.  If using your own GPS or smartphone, we suggest plugging in "3894 Wailea Alanui Drive" to find the correct location.

Polo Beach

Ulua/Mokapu Beach

 Preparing for Your Shoot

  • What to wear - Welcome to the beach!  That means sand and water everywhere.  Some of our best shots involve getting your toes a little wet, so be prepared for potential splashes.  Depending on the day, sitting or kneeling in the golden sand might be an option too, so keep that in mind when preparing.  When it comes to colors, it's totally up to you.  Browse our portfolio or the internet for ideas on color schemes that achieve the look you're going for.   (We do recommend avoiding everyone in solid dark colors such as all black or all navy or everyone in tiny prints.)  A pop of color is always fun as well as mix and match!)

  • Ah, the breeze - You can expect at least a little wind during your shoot, and some days a little can turn into a lot.  Be prepared and consider wearing or bringing appropriate headbands, ponytail holders, clips, hairspray, etc.  Beware of floppy collars that may blow across your face.

  • Ah, the sun - Of course, it can get a little warm out there, so feel free to bring along anything that might come in handy for a quick "refresh."  Think water, make-up or towels.

  • Just call - If you have any questions at all prior to your shoot, don't hesitate to send an email ( or call us at 808-446-4411.

Polo Beach is in front of the Fairmont Kea Lani and The Polo Beach Club.  The parking lot and restroom are located off of Kaukahi Street (the side street just south of the Fairmont off of Wailea Alanui Drive).  If using your own GPS or smartphone, we suggest plugging in "Polo Beach Park" to find the correct location.

Wailea Beach

  • Where to meet - Each of our beach locations has a public parking lot and restroom off of Wailea Alanui Drive.  (They are also easily accessed by foot along the Wailea Beach Path.)  We will meet you in front of the restrooms (the side facing the ocean/beach) at your scheduled appointment time.  Please click on "View Larger Map" within the maps below for your selected beach to see additional details or to generate directions from your exact starting location.